About Silver Canoe

The History Behind Silver Canoe

Here at Silver Canoe, we are like family, literally.

Our roots in the Delaware are strong, our story starts in 1977 with the March Family and 12 aluminum canoes.oldSC

Canoe's were made popular by the movie 'Deliverance' which was released in 1972, along with all other liveries, Silver Canoe followed this trend by only offering canoes. We got our name, Silver Canoe, from the shiny silver look of the aluminum canoe's.

Jack and Diane March partnered with Kelly's Canoe Rentals in Pond Eddy, NY. Using Kelly's Pond Eddy launch site for a price of $1 per canoe to launch.

The staff at this time consisted of Diane and Jack March, as well as one other employee who was able to drive their van to transport equipment/customers , given that Jack March was still a full-time airline mechanic and Diane was full-time Mom to three young kids. Despite the small staff and full schedules, Silver Canoe was eager to grow.

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As the March family grew up, as did Silver Canoe. Eventually buying the Kelly Canoe's properties and acquiring more equipment through the purchase of Whitewater Willies by the late 1990s.

Another movie released in 1994, 'The River Wild', staring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon, sparked interest  in more adventure and white-water rafting.  Meeting the demand, Silver Canoe started to offer Rafting in addition to canoeing.

Silver Canoe remained a family owned and operated success, aiding in creating hundreds of customers Delaware River memories. As 2016 approached Jack and Diane March were ready to finally have a summer off for the first time in 39 years and enjoy their now grown up kids and grandkids. Silver Canoe was ready for its new chapter. Luckily, an entrepreneur with over 40+ years of outdoor recreation experience, 8 of those years working specifically working on the Delaware River, was looking for his and his family's next adventure!

In 2017 Silver Canoe found its new family, the Crouthamel family. Continuing to operate off the March family property, the main location of the Silver Canoe office for almost the last four decades. Allen and Danielle Crouthamel, along with their two daughters, Riley and Logan, and all of the existing staff were all ready to expand.

The first season with the Crouthamel's, tubes were added to the list of services and outdated equipment and transportation were replaced. With each year, Silver Canoe & Whitewater Rafting grew their equipment, fleet, and staff.

In 2020 Silver Canoe made the long awaited move up out of town onto route 97. Now allowing quicker transportation and more room for its expanding business.

Now in 2023, the Crouthamel's have almost doubled Silver Canoe's fleet and equipment inventory.

Keeping Jack and Diane's family values, adventure, and fun in mind, Silver Canoe is as young as ever