river safety

River Safety demoRiver trip orientation

  1. The Delaware River can have strong currents and rapid changes in depth.
  2. Life jackets must be worn at all times while swimming, boating, fishing, floating.
  3. Life jackets are required of all persons under 13 years old at all times.
  4. Never swim alone
  5. Never try to swim or wade across the river.
  6. Avoid padding into eel weirs, (v-shaped formation of rocks in the river)
  7. Be aware or the river current, slippery surfaces, sharp drop-offs.
  8. No Glass is permitted in on the river
  9. If pulling off, ensure that you are not on private property and that you are pulling your equipment completely out of the water.
  10. Leave no trace, please keep all trash with you till the end of your trip where we have garbage cans for your connivence.

If you capsize

Stay upstream from your boat, do not attempt to stand up in the rapids, float downstream with your feet out and your head up, make you way to the side of the river where you can empty out your boat and resume your trip. Be aware of “strainers” any object that you may float into and be caught by the water and unable to get out on your own.

In case of emergency-exit the river on the NY (left side) of the river and try to notify a passing car or go into any business and contact us. Our vehicles travel the side of route 97 all day and will be watching for anyone who is along the side of the road.

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